It also means we can perform further analysis and visualization on the data we pull from the database, although that will be beyond the scope of this tutorial. When you’re ready to start writing your own SQL queries, consider importing dummy basis sql data rather than creating your own database. Of course, these examples demonstrate only a very small selection of what the SQL language can do. Of course, you can filter data in joined tables the same way as you can with only one table.

There you will learn and polish your knowledge by practicing. You’ll use the code editor to run commands on a real database and real datasets. And you’ll solve realistic problems by coming up with your own SQL queries. GRANT gives a particular user access to database objects such as tables, views or the database itself.

Section 8: Grouping Data

A table cannot be truncated if it has a primary key and there are rows in the dependent tables. If you delete and reinsert a row with the Import and Export utilities, for example, its rowid may change. If you delete a row, Oracle Database Lite may reassign its ROWID to a new row inserted later. When you drop a procedure, Oracle Lite invalidates any local objects that depend on the dropped procedure.

Basic SQL commands

Add a column called Salary with data type Money to Jobs. Select all fields for the stores that have a ‘123’ area code in the WHERE
clause. The table containing the referenced (or candidate) key is called the parent table.


Databases are essential for many businesses, and SQL is a perfect tool to communicate with them. And SQL has a simple syntax, which makes it easy to learn and use. You don’t have to be a programmer to understand what’s going on in a query. AS is a keyword in SQL that allows you to rename a column or table using an alias.

Basic SQL commands

Something that stands out about this query is that all but one of the results has a sub_type of «Casual». Perhaps this is an indication that «Registered» users are more aware of the extra fees for long trips. Maybe Hubway could do a better job of conveying their pricing structure to Casual users to help them avoid overage charges. This capitalization makes the code easier to read, but it doesn’t actually affect the code’s function in any way.

Once you know SQL, you can apply it to a variety of uses. Whether you’re dealing with a management system, programming project, or basic reporting, SQL unlocks the raw power contained in a database. Don’t forget to read our basic programmer’s guide to SQL, for an in-depth look at how to use these commands. Execute the trigger once per SQL statement, regardless of how many rows are altered. Optimise tables and greatly speed up queries by adding an index to a column.

You can drop users if you are connected to the database as SYSTEM, or if you are granted the ADMIN or DBA/DDL role. To drop a user from the database, you must be logged into the database as SYSTEM, or you must have DBA/DDL or ADMIN privileges. If no options are specified and there are no referential integrity constraints that refer to the table, Oracle Lite drops the table. If no options are specified and there are referential integrity constraints that refer to the table, Oracle Lite returns an error message. Although the DROP SEQUENCE command is not part of the ODBC SQL syntax, ODBC passes the command through to your database. The procedure must be connected to the database as schema or you must have DBA/DDL privileges.

This index is converted to an ordinary index if the primary key constraint is subsequently disabled. To specify or modify any of the conditions or parameters that affect your connection to the database. Oracle Database Lite only enables you to use the SET clause of this command to specify or modify the NLS date format.

Basic SQL commands

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