What is cryptojacking

For instance, in the case of increased CPU usage, you may find it difficult to find the offending program. A lot of processes are designed to avoid detection, either by hiding or disguising themselves as trusted programs. Bitcoin debuted in 2009 and would grow to become one of the most successful cryptocurrencies. And while Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known coins, there are actually over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation.

Since Coinhive went away, attacks have become more sophisticated and surreptitious to include the infection of APIs, open source code, cloud infrastructures and containers, according to ENISA. Cryptojackers now distribute their attacks to as many people as possible, letting the attackers use less power per device and decrease their detectability. The browser-based approach works by creating content that automatically runs cryptomining software in a user’s web browser when they visit the webpage hosting it.


The code in cryptomining scripts can easily evade detection which means you and your IT team need to be extremely vigilant. Malicious software infects a device after a malicious link on a website or in an email is clicked. Once the infection has taken hold of a computer, the unauthorized mining of cryptocurrency begins without the awareness of the user. On an Android device, we recommend only getting software from the Google Play Store.

While Bitcoin is the most widely known cryptocurrency, cryptojacking attacks usually involve mining other cryptocurrencies. Monero is particularly common, as it’s designed so people can mine it on average PCs. Monero also has anonymity features, which means it’s difficult to track where the attacker ultimately sends the Monero they mine on their victims’ hardware. Slow performance hurts business productivity, system crashes and downtime cost sales and reputation, and expensive high-performance servers become expensive poorly-performing servers.

What Is Cryptojacking and How Do You Detect It?

The built-in Windows Defender antivirus on Windows 10 doesn’t block all in-browser miners. Check with your security software company to see if they https://www.tokenexus.com/ block mining scripts. Cryptojackers lure victims into clicking on harmless-looking links that install cryptomining software onto a victims’ device.

What is cryptojacking

I had a forensic lab [SpiderLabs, which Percoco founded, is now part of Trustwave] that had lots of GPUs in it that were used for password cracking. Let’s play around with it.” And then everybody would create wallets, and we sent Bitcoin between each other, and it was just sort of like exploring the future of money at that point in time. Malware is developed as harmful software that invades or corrupts your computer network. The goal of malware is to cause havoc and steal information or resources for monetary gain or sheer sabotage intent. Backups are great against crypto ransomware but that’s not all they’re good for. A bolt of lightning, a flood, or a myriad of other circumstances may destroy your system completely, and restoring it from a backup may be your only hope.

GitHub-stored AWS credentials targeted by new cryptojacking campaign

Some types of cryptocurrency are easier to mine than others, and these are the favorites of hackers. Monero, for instance, can be mined on any desktop, laptop, or server, while mining Bitcoin requires expensive specialized hardware. Mining operations can also be conducted on a mobile device, IoT device, and router. What is cryptojacking Also, FortiAI provides your organization with a virtual security analyst that not only uses cloud-based updates to check for threats but also incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), learning as it goes along. This enables it to detect 99% or more of potential malware threats, including cryptominers.

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